Device Status Tiles



I spent some time messing about with the gauges app… learned a lot about how webCoRE works in the process and found some limitations to what I was trying to do. To configure this, just fill out the first six variables and the piston will (sometimes slowly) take care of the rest. :slight_smile:

  1. Any tile clicked on will toggle its light on and off
  2. Rather than redrawing all gauges on an event, I just drew the affected gauge and updated the specific line item in the Piston State. This may improve performance a small amount, but makes the whole thing vulnerable to only catching one out of a group of lights turning on or off at the same time. I ran the IF statement as asynchronous to see if that would allow concurrent instances, but the result was the same.
  3. Created a “hide state” and “hide gauges” button that can be enabled/disabled with boolean variables
    After some work I figured out the whole “clearing tiles” thing… gets especially messy when you decrease the number of tiles you have displayed by your piston.

Here’s the big, ugly mess if someone wants to take the time to figure out how to get around the groups of lights turning on, or see how the individual gauges and variables were updated. I’ll post a cleaner one in a bit that gets back to updating all gauges at each event, but includes the ‘hide’ options and light toggle for tiles when clicked.


Here is the pared down version from above. Same from an end-user perspective, just less effort put into trying [and failing] to be more efficient! lol


No sorry not from Raleigh. Wisconsin. Hence go-pack


No worries, was worth a shot. Go Pack is big around for the NC State Wolfpack. :slight_smile:


michicago, I love the tiles you have, keep up the good work. I invite everyone to keep posting more examples and I really don’t mind if you post examples on my posts or even rework what I did with new ideas.

Just a FYI, I won’t be posting much for a bit since we are moving to a new home in May that is being built as I speak and we are also in the process of selling our home then will move into my in-laws home while we wait for our new home to be built.

I don’t have any Smart Home stuff hooked up anymore besides my Nest Thermostat and a few Z-Wave Power switches for Christmas tree and outdoor lights I’m excited that the new home comes with a Nest Thermostat and Lutron smart dimmer switches included which is nice that some builders are starting to get into the Smart Home area as well so communities like Smartthings continues to grow… I’m just glad to help out while I could and will look to contribute again next year once I’m fully moved in. It’s also exciting to see so many people contribute their own work on this site since webCoRE is such a powerful tool that adds so much more to Smartthings that is already powerful by itself with what you can do.

It really feels odd not having my lights come on automatically and all the other things I had programmed. You forgot how much you use all of the Smart home devices until you don’t have any at all.


These tiles are brilliant! I’ve imported quite a few but I’m getting something odd happen on the light status one. One of my RGBW fibaro controllers (that I’m only using 2 channels on) is getting a ON event sent from the piston, does anyone have any ideas why this would happen?


Which tiles are you using for your RGBW fibaro controllers?


Hi @bfara83 im using this one


Sorry for the delay, been busy with moving. Did you try the Light Switch Device Tiles? RGBW Fibaro Controller looks like more of a light switch to me and the Bulb device tiles won’t work too well on anything but a Smart Bulb.


Good point in my mind i thought the light switch was just that, but in ST the light switch is essentially not a smart bulb. I will give it a go thanks :slight_smile:


Is it still suggested to setup a second webcore instance?


I recommend it but it’s not necessary for the tiles to work. Performance can start to suffer if you have a lot of pistons and/or devices.


This is very cool, but has anyone figured out why we get this error?

║An error occurred while executing the event: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method hasCommand() on null object


Has anyone got some examples of dimmer tiles? I would like to control light brightness and fan speeds with some dimmer switches I have set up.


I could design one for you, PM me the DTH that’s used so I can see what the attributes are for that device.


I posted about that error here but never got a response:

It doesn’t seem to cause any issues though.


That would be awesome. I’m using “MichaelStruck / Virtual Dimmer”. I think I found it on the ST forums and downloaded from Github.

Thanks much for posting all these and the work on them. I’ve been having a lot of fun tweaking them.

BTW - Where did you get the “icons” that are in the motion and light bulb tiles? They aren’t FA, and act like text that can be copied and pasted.


Those are emojis, there’s many sites out there but I use this one:



I’m just looking for a bulb with matching on/off states. Really wish we could use external images for icons.


The Virtual Dimmer looks like a dimmable switch DTH, are you looking for a tile that is for a ceiling fan? You mentioned fan speeds above, are the fan speeds adjusted by the brightness levels?