Device Status Tiles



Before I begin, I would like to thank bangali and RobinWinbourne for the idea, I used some of the coding they had on tile pistons that was posted on the Smartthings and WebCoRE sites and combined them for these pistons that was created.

I highly recommend creating a second instance of WebCoRE for the tiles like I did since it’ll split the memory usage and make everything run and work faster. The WebCoRE site will start to get slow too unless you do this, and you can link them together by registering another instance on the WebCore Dashboard:


All of the Device Tiles are now located on the webCoRE Wiki site located here so it’s easier to view than having to look through multiple posts:

All my browser dashboard tiles are all gray
Share your Dashboard
Away from Home lighting
Monitor sump pump
All my browser dashboard tiles are all gray
Error due to CurrentEventAttribute not 'tile'
Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy

these are awesome! thank you for taking the time to share these. :smile:

if i may suggest, adding some tags may be even split them up in to their own examples one per post with the right tags on each. the tags would make it easier for the users to find them with search. up to you.

thank you again!


Great write up! Thanks for sharing!!!


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add tags on the posts tonight.


Hi are these to use with the new tiles feature that @ady624 created a few weeks ago? What’s the idea for this is it to have a tablet or something on the wall with the dashboard open so you can see and control you things from it? If it is does it matter what tablet you have? ie Android IOS or windows or am i on the completely wrong trail :thinking:


I never really thought about the tablet idea you mentioned, these pistons are just for the Piston Tiles feature. What did ady624 create a few weeks ago if I missed something, the piston tiles has been around for at least a few months now I believe. My personal uses is mostly for debugging a piston in realtime and a quick overview of everything if you wanted to pull it up on your phone/PC for example. Not sure what the mobile app will look like when it’s released but this couid sort of replace some of what the Smartthings app does for getting an overview of all of your devices.

Here’s what my Dashboard looks like just with the tiles I have setup, I plan to share more over time as I get more time and fix a few that aren’t working 100% or working the way I want them to. Of course some of these weren’t created by me, I know a few of the Weather ones and the Sunset/Sunrise were ones I found on Smartthings boards.


I added 5 tags to the post as you suggested, I didn’t notice that was an option until you pointed it out. Not sure if the way I created this posting is the best way if I have 9 pistons to share, I plan to share my updating lighting pistons once I get them working 100% which will be 8 pistons but probably not for a week or two once it’s confirmed to be working for myself. I may even up asking for help if I can’t figure it out but will post if I do in the correct section.


cool, thanks for doing that. may be when you post the next set just post 1 piston per post with the relevant tags for each post. certainly, always happy to help.


Probably right, I lose track of time :joy:

That’s awesome how do you do all your steps HR and stuff? I haven’t done anything with the tiles yet but am planning on making some once I got some more kit installed.


Google Fit Smartapp (search for it in Smartthings board). I’m looking to add more like distance using web requests from Artik Cloud too once I figure out how to get it working.


Spot on I use Google fit, is it a stock app or will I find it on the SAT forum? What about your power meters for the mains? I have some small ones on the switches and RGBW controllers but didn’t know there was anything out there to monitor the mains


Google Fit, I modified the one on the ST forum to add Calories and Heartbeat but couldn’t get other values to work right like Distance (miles), Active (Minutes) and other values with the SmartApp. I’m trying to figure out how to get Web Requests to work between Artik Cloud and WebCoRE still to try to get that data. The modified version I can send you if needed but didn’t want to post publicly until the author of that Smartapp gets back to me since I asked if he could update the code I modified.

The Power meters, I modified Nezmo’s Gauge tiles that was on the ST forum to only show text since I’m not a fan of the gauges personally, I would rather see the text values.

I’m using this Smart Energy Meter on my main power wires in the breaker box:

It’s very easy to setup, you don’t really have to be an electrician to do it as long as you don’t touch any of the contacts of course in the breaker box

I would be happy to post the modified version if needed and some of the other tiles I have. I still have a finalize some of them and working to finalize the Weather Tiles I created myself first thing before I post them.


no worries i’ll wait for your modified version once you happy to share it then if need be I can tweak it for the UK times and values :slight_smile:

I would be the same but i’ll have to try and find some that would work over the pond first, the government are getting everyone’s meters changed to smart meters over here. So it might be worth me doing some research to see if once they are changed, if they would work with ST. Then i can use your piston’s and tiles :smile: many thanks for your help :smiley:


Great tiles! I use almost all of them and they look great :wink:


I added 3 new Device Tiles: Smoke/CO Alarm, Door Lock & Water Leak Sensor. I also updated the DoorBell Sensor although I’ll have to test the Doorbell Device Tile more tomorrow to make sure it’s 100% working. I noticed it wasn’t showing the inactive status once the doorbell was pushed on the previous coding so I added a 5 min wait to retrigger the tile piston again.

I’ll post my Google Fit tiles on another post.


I updated the Battery Tile above so it’ll update the tiles every hour instead of when there’s an event with the battery level on the devices. This will make it so all of your devices will display right away. I’m looking to update the logic on the other tiles to use similar logic, will post once I figure that part out with the other device tiles but show the timestamps still.

The Doorbell tile doesn’t fully work yet that’s above, working on that one still.


I’m using the light bulb tiles now and it keeps showing the wrong bulbs that are on. If i look at the log it keeps saying this: An error occurred while executing the event: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method hasCommand() on null object

Anyone has an idea what i can do to fix it?


Thank you! I had started working on this but got stuck. I’ll be interested to see how you did it.



I get this error too but the tiles work fine for me. Are you able to post your piston using the Green button so I can take a look? Make sure the names are set correctly in the correct order on the BulbNames Variable. It has to be in the same order as the Bulbs Variable and formatted like this with no spaces inbetween: Device1,Device2,Device3,etc

Here’s my example, I only have 3 bulbs right now personally.

I also updated the Temperature Tile above as well to use same logic as the Battery status tiles and updates every 5 minutes. Working if the others can be improved upon as well.


Here you go. I have it in the exact same order but they don’t update correctly or at all.