Device Status Tiles



I am pretty sure that all you need to do is delete the following text from your piston:

’ ‘"{format(’%.0f’, decimal([$currentEventDevice:humidity]))}%"

That should totally remove any tile display of humidity. Just pay extra attention when you do this. It is very easy to unintentionally delete the wrong section. (It starts with a single quote and a space, and it ends with a percent sign and a double quote)

To answer your coding question in laymans terms:
If humidity is greater than 0, then do blah blah blah…
If local variable is ‘true’ then do blah blah blah…
If it is not "true’ then do what is on the other side of the space colon space ( : )

Or if this helps to visualize:
( H ? T : F )
If H is true, then do T, otherwise, do F

The section you are removing is the last part of the ‘false’ statement.


Thanks, very helpful. That is exactly what I needed. Appreciate the prompt response. It’s been working for a few days now.


I am looking for a tile that can have a date and time on it any ideas


Here is one of my tiles:
temp - or - temp - or - temp

Using this code:

My footer tells me how today’s temp compares to the average historical data for this day… (A great way to see if we are experiencing a warm front or a cold front) Of course, you could easily change the footer to $time. Just be aware that it only updates when the piston is run, so the time will always be a bit off unless you run it every minute. (Not recommended)


I’m bumping this since the NullPointerException error still occurs with the Light Bulb and Light Switch Status Tiles. I was scratching my head but another topic with the same error actually gave me a clue to the solution of the error problem. I’m reproducing it here for those who want to fix it.

To define the problem first, the NullPointerException error occurs because the currentEventAttribute is not ‘tile’, it’s something coming from another device and so the variable TilePressDeviceID comes up out of bounds and you get the error. The fix is actually simple, check that currentEventAttribute is ‘tile’ before the check for a tile press and you’re good to go.

Take this part:

and change it to this:

Since only tile presses are recognized, the error is gone.

Edit: the same error occurs in the Door Lock Status Tiles piston and the fix is similar.

Here’s the error causing code:

And with the check:

I set up the currentEventAttribute check If statements then used the drag and drop feature to move the original tilePressDeviceID code inside. Nice and easy.


Oh boy! You might have just solved for my one primary reason for sort of letting webcore dashboard tiles to age and not really finish the deployment I wanted. Well this is layered dashboards such that I could drill into secondary ones from a top dashboard… However the tilePressDeviceID was a big stumbling block. So much for getting outside this weekend. Looks like I’ll be back at webcore dashboards! :slight_smile:


Yeah, getting the error (especially on a piston that’s supposed to be an example) is kind of off-putting. I got a clue from another thread and after over-thinking things a bit (and trying some things that didn’t work), I posted in the Piston: Design Help section for help with a good description of what the problem actually was (which can make all the difference in getting to a solution) but before I got a reply there I got back to basics and KISS principle and sorted it out finally. Since I hadn’t been able to find any explanation or solution anywhere else, I felt I should post my result here for the benefit of the community. I’m happy you found it useful.

Sorry about your weekend, it’s getting chilly here so I wouldn’t want to get out too much but you can sort of manage with a tablet outside too. :wink: I only just started with WebCoRE and while the dashboard is a bit basic, it’s great! I’ve been spending way too much time setting up a dashboard (two versions, one for tablets with all size tiles and one for phones with just small tiles). Happy coding! Here’s my mobile dashboard for possible motivational value:

And the Tablet one:

Edits: Add Tablet version, update images showing different state for some tiles.