Devices in pistons showing as string of letters and numbers


When viewing a piston in my web browser the devices show up as a string of random letters and numbers, looking like a hash number.

But when viewing the piston on my iPhone using the app the devices show up normal.

This has happened to me multiple times before and usually it doesn’t bother me as it’s normally only 1 device but now whole pistons are showing up like this, which means I can’t modify the piston on my PC as when I save the piston the device listing saves as ‘empty’ as if it’s been deleted or something.
So how do I fix it?


Okay it may be something to do with my web browser.
I’m using Firefox, latest version.
If I open the piston in a private window, the devices show correctly.


I would guess it was a browser plug-in or extension interfering…
(Found in: Tools / Add-ons)


Try ST Classic app > webCoRE > settings > Available devices > Available devices > Back. This will cause your browser to reload the device info, you may just need to refresh the dashboard page.


This happened to me twice in the last two days. I think it happens right after a message is briefly displayed saying something like “Devices didn’t load. Please logoff and on again”. I didn’t bother the first time that happened, but it corrected the problem for me the 2nd time it happened.