Devices Missing from webCoRE SmartApp


I’m on the latest version of webCoRE. My issue that I have a few devices that are now showing up in the webCoRE SmartApp to be selected to be used with webCoRE. I have confirmed the issue is happening in my existing webCoRE install and a new. I have a lot of devices, is there a max limit? I don’t see any errors in the IDE.

Notice in the IDE “Back Yard Light” is there and of type Z-Wave Switch Generic. So is “Driveway Light 2”, same type. In the SmartApp “Back Yard Light” is missing. Yet, “Driveway Light 2” is there.


My “Which switches” shows nothing selected at all but all of my switches also appear under “Which Actuators” if that helps. As far as which devices appear in the list, from the code it looks like all webCoRE can do is ask SmartThings to list all devices with that capability… So if it’s not showing up that may be an issue with your ST account.


Ok, I’ll contact ST. It’s not under actuators either.


Another thing to try is to switch it to a different driver, save it and put it back into what it was before.


Ok, I figured out what is going on. I’m not sure why this is an issue or how to fix it.

First, I have a lot of devices.


On my device list in the ST IDE I see this a the bottom, like I always have as I have a lot of devices.


Any device on page 2 is not showing up in webCoRE or any other SmartApp.

Submitting a ticket.


I have seen this posted on the ST forum…


I’ve been over 300 devices since May of 2017. I would have notices this earlier. I have devices currently in page 2 that I cannot see in the SmartApp selection list that I have previously selected and work with that smart app, just can’t see them in the config.