Devices not associated with Hub


I just noticed that my piston is missing access to a few devices. Checking with the IDE, the one thing the missing all have in common is that they’re not associated with my hub. I use these devices in automations all the time, so I know they work.
For example, I trigger lights off the status of the deadbolt. I trigger outside lights by the rise and fall of the sun.
I’ve installed Webcore because I want to build a complex condition based on the the deadbolt and window sensors, but I can’t do that, if webcore doesn’t have access to the lock.

Using the IDE, if I edit the missing devices and add them to the hub, I get a permissions error.
Any ideas?



I noticed that when I edit the disconnect devices in the mobile app, it states that these devices are connected to the Hub via another service.


AHA! I found going through and adding devices to webcore via the 3 Capabilities option gives me access to all my device. Perfect.
Thanks (sometimes, it helps to just talk to someone)