Duplicating a piston across instances


I had a piston in my ST instance I wanted to bring to Hubitat. I thought it would be easy. I just used ‘create a duplicate piston’ and it list my ST pistons as well as my Hubitat pistons, while I am in my Hubitat instance.

I selected the ST piston and Webcore created the duplicate piston in my Hubitat instance and I could modify it to use my Hubitat devices but it will not save. I click save, and it shows it saving the piston and counts the chunks, but it then stays in the editor and does not return to the dashboard.

I found that if I then reload the webpage to the main dashboard it shows the piston as a paused piston and when I open it I get the message about using the current or local version. I select the local version which had my latest edits and I then can save it and I can then use it as normal.

Maybe this is something on my end but I thought I would mention it.


I have seen that behavior. I may need @ipaterson help as I do not see anything in the webCoRE instance logs when it happens…


Something else that just happened. I made the final edit to my new piston around the time of the OP. I just opened my Hubitat instance back up to check my logs and see how it was functioning. There was now two copies of the piston in my Hubitat instance. The second copy was an unmodified version of the original. I am pretty sure it wasn’t there when I closed things down a couple of hours ago.

I deleted it and otherwise all is well.


FYI, this seems to work fine now. So thanks!!