Events failing to get to WebCore


Posted this over on the ST forum but maybe someone here might have an answer.

I have never had this happen before, no events arriving for certain random pistons (momentary, locks, lights, presence).

New pistons not firing

Are your triggers “changes to X”…?
If so, have you tried toggling the device a couple of times, real slowly?


I have 62 pistons using everything! :slight_smile:
I’m down to a few left working and no idea in sight except what I mentioned on the ST forum.
I toggled the app switch for WebCore early this morning in a 5 AM daze while trying to pause a piston. I’m wondering what the little toggle did?


I apologize, I do not understand your last post…
However, I am glad you got it all figured out!


I’ve had sonos events not come through since 4/5 July.