False Notifications from Device After Battery Pull?


I have been having issues with Samsung Multipurpose sensors on my door giving me faulty readings for vibration (when it registers one it sends me a text during certain settings). This was annoying but would usually only happen on low battery devices but it seems like they happen about the same time every night between 2-3am.

I was suspicious that it was just a weird issue where it was just caught in a loop and now I think I have proof of that? I pulled the battery from one of the sensors a few days ago and every night, I continue to get these texts saying that the sensor (which has no battery in it) is detecting vibrations.

Not sure how to post logs for something like this but I’d love some help or to be pointed in the right direction. I feel like if I could somehow reset WebCore’s logs or variables or something, that may help.

Thank you


If it is a piston that is sending the text then you May want to post an image of it. Also enable full logging and capture the logs generated when the text is sent and post.

Just checking - you are sure it is not some other smartapp in ST or even ST (smart home monitor, routine or other) that is generating the text.


Agree with @jkp and addition to that (happened to me a couple times) I changed the name of a device and forgot about it. Later on i was messing with a wrong device.
Maybe device is stuck in vibration ACTIVE mode and piston reads that

But other than that no way a device without a battery can send any signals.


Logs didn’t show far enough back to this morning but I finally got the device to reconnect (had to completely reset/remove/add it) and will go from there and update if the issue continues.