Fibaro Double Switch 2 (One Available Device Only)


Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223
New IOS Smartthings App

After adding the Fibaro Double Switch 2 on the new IOS Smartthings App with the default Smartthings DH available on the IOS app. I get two devices found on the app, both with the same name but one of the devices name ends with "- USB). They correspond to Q1 and Q2 output.

On the IOS app I go into SmartApps and select webCore > Settings > Available Devices > Available Devices. On the “Which Actuators” and also on “Which Sensors”, I only get the device whose name ends with “- USB”. I don’t see both the Q1 and Q2 devices, I can only add one of them and consequently make rules for only one of them.

Any help?


Check under devices by capability > group 1-3