Fix Broken OAuth


I was forced to do a Factory Reset on my SmartThings hub after i had successfully installed and started using WebCoRE. After working with ST staff I have successfully reinstalled everything and it’s up and working excpect WebCoRE.

I followed the installation as written including OAuth. WebCoRE is up and functional but when I attempt to create a piston using the defaults the screen spins and returns to the piston create screen.

From my research I believe my issue is due to my new installation having a new OAuth value that is different from my previous install. How do I update with WebCoRE my new OAuth?

Need help with OAuth

How are you trying to enter the dashboard? From the smartapp or directly from your browser? Try entering the dashboard from your mobile device by selecting dashboard within the smartapp.

Alternatively, in WebCore, select logout from the upper write drop-down menu. Then get a new code from the smartapp when you log back in. That should reset the browser you are using.