Font Awesome 5.0


Any chance that the new version of Font Awesome 5.0 can be added to webCoRE that was recently released?

Font Awesome Update?

This has been open to discussion by the minions for some time but I haven’t received any feedback so let’s move the discussion here:

  • Can we eliminate Font Awesome 4 and just use the compatibility shim to migrate the old icon names to FA 5 (i.e. no change required to old pistons)?
    • Nothing has been removed in FA 5 but most icons will look at least slightly different
  • FA 5 uses four prefixes (fa- for solid, fal- for light outline, far- for regular outline, and fab- for brand logos) so I think it would be best if our markup matches (e.g. :fab-google: and :fal-book:)
  • We have a license for FA5, so we can certainly use the full premium set on the dashboard


I say go for it. Eliminate the old and just use the new. If no one is losing any icons then let’s put it to a vote and make it official


These new icons would be so nice. Can’t wait!


This update has been published and the dashboard is now using the Font Awesome 5 Pro SVG framework! See the announcement for more details