Fuel Streams not loading at all


Is anyone else having issues loading your fuel streams?

Mine has been down many many days, never getting past the spinning wheel.


I have tested on multiple PC’s and multiple web browsers, but to no avail…

Fuel Streams Not Working
Fuel stream page not loading

Down for me as well.



Fuel Streams are still down. Any update on that issue?


My fuel streams are still down…
Consistently for the past two + weeks

It is a shame really, because that feature was so helpful to me


Mine are down too - both in the app and on website.


Funny thing I checked yesterday and the fuel stream showed up. I then decided to create few new streams and when I went back to open the fuel stream it no longer loaded…go figure…maybe it needs to have a minimum set of data before the stream load…


When the fuel streams are working, it only takes a single data point for it to be displayed…


I haven’t been able to get them to load for weeks now and was recommending them to someone in the Facebook group and he went off to create his own piston using Fuel Streams. He back the next day and showed me his fuel Stream. Thought I was od he could see them but I can’t. Anyway I spoke to Adrian in the Facebook group and here’s what he had to say.


I love the possibility of being able to delete old (obsolete) fuel streams. Often I test a device for a week or two to see the real life patterns, and then turn off the data push.

Currently, I use the “Canister” called ZZ for testing, (so it stays grouped at the bottom). The streams I want to keep active, I relocate to a proper category once I am happy with my initial test.


Yeah I’ve got old Fuel Streams from when I first started using the feature and had no idea what I was doing. Would like to clean it up a bit.


I have been cheating using Stylish to hide the old clutter, but it will be much better with an official method.


Looks like my fuel streams are back up!


Yup mine are back too!


Mine were there but I couldn’t see anything. Now I’m back to spinning circles.


webCoRE site is down too


Weird. Forums, dashboard and wiki are all working.


The only thing down for me is the Fuel Streams…
Although they worked briefly yesterday


My web dashboard was down for a little bit and then shortly afterwards SmartThings app kicked me out and couldn’t get logged back in. Both those issues resolved but fuel Streams still down.


I have a Global Variable set up for my thermostats to turn them on and off but it has been acting weird since 4PM CST. It sometimes says “not set” or it’ll set the temp to 0… And my other piston has been turning the heat on and off in 70* weather here locally. :rage:


@chop249, that is actually a WUnderground bug. I get that a couple times a month. It usually resolves itself within a half hour (or at next query)

My low tonight is currently showing zero / null / not set.



…and now WUnderground is back: