Gauge Tiles & Piston State Display for Energy Reporting Devices


Well, technically, 3 colors is the limit, but you can cheat a bit by leaving a couple of sections blank to create white like this:

Also, if you overlap the colors, you can actually create 5-7 colored sections like this:
(5 shown below, but you can make 7 if you allow white to be the high & low)

In the example above:

  • greenColor = Red (0-100)
  • yellowColor = Orange (10-90)
  • redColor = Green (40-60)

(Example code found here)


@michicago I’ve been using your version of this piston (great work!) and it’s been working nicely for the past month. I set my billing cycle to end on the 20th so now that it’s a new billing cycle, I thought the cumulative cost would reset to zero. Any suggestions for why it has not? Thanks


This piston is not set up to do the actual reset. You need to add code for that or do it elsewhere. Here’s a piston I use to reset all my energy reporting devices: