Global Variable across 2 webCORE instances


1) Give a description of the problem
Are global variables, ie. the one starting with “@”, really global to ST and/or webCORE

2) What is the expected behavior?
A value assigned to a global variable to be the same value across 2 or more webCore install instances

3) What is happening/not happening?
The above doesn’t appear to be true, at least not for me…

I have 2 instances of webCore installed. In my case they are

  • actions
  • notifications

In ACTIONS I set the global variable @HumidityTrigger each day at 5AM; it gets updated OK

In NOTIFICATIONS (where I basically just use the global variable) it shows a completely different value!!

[Both values / images are from my settings at 5AM today - so current]

Is my understanding of global variables incorrect?
I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance


@Gopack2 didn’t you just accomplish something like this?


Yes I did. I set a local variable to whatever you want it to be then pass it to another piston using arguments. In piston being passed to reference the variable with $args.{variable name}

See this post

It has 4 pistons that work together.

Hope that helps.




Thanks for the reply, I read your link, but I’m not so sure it applies.
I do NOT want to pass parameters.
This is a GLOBAL variable.

The question is if GLOBAL variables are only accessible to all pistons of a given instance…
So if you install a 2nd copy of webCore you can no longer access the global vars in the earlier instance??

@ady624, may I impose on your schedule & ask for some clarification please. Reading between the lines it doesn’t appear possible currently. What are the chances of getting a “super” global var accessible form any installed webCore instance?

@Gopack2, if Adrian’s answer is as I suspect, I may very well have to investigate the passing of args. ARRRRGGGG!!! I’ll post here with my own findings this weekend.



From my experience global variables are native to the webcore instance you are working with. Sorry, time to brush up on $args. :nerd_face:


I don’t remember if I implemented same-location super globals. They start with @@. I know for sure the multi-location super globals do not work because they require intercomms that don’t yet exist. Try and see, just name the variable starting with @@ and see if it reflects in all instances of the SAME location.


Not on my end it doesn’t :upside_down_face:


I can confirm:

  • @ global variables do not natively exist for separate webCore instances in the same location
  • @@ super global variables do not natively exist for separate webCore instances in the same location
    (@Gopack2 also confirmed this)

I also created a super @@ global variable with same name in both my instances hoping they would “inherit” - no such luck!

@ady624 Adrian consider this an official request please - @@ super globals for all instances at the same location

Next to test: Passing of ARRRRGGGGGS; I’v used it in some of my pistons for the same instance, not across instances…



Moved to feature suggestions. I know this was on the roadmap at some point already. Now it’s just a bump!


@GatVlieg can you please try updating

v0.2.0fb.20171026 - BETA M2 - Partial support for super global variables - works within same location - no inter-location comms yet

Once updated, please visit the ST app and open each involved instance and tap Done - this will kickstart the subscription mechanism. I also changed global variable event name to insulate between instances - same @ variable name in two different instances might have been overlapping before. So if you rely on pistons expecting @ variable changes (subscribing to global var events), please pause and resume those pistons to allow them to subscribe correctly. To use super global variables, simply use two @ signs, i.e. @@name, @@test, @@superglobal, @@etc.


Hi @ady624

Just implemented it. Seems to working like a charm. Special thanks for the super quick turn around time!
[Your time management is far superior to mine :blush: ]

For those wishing to use / test it, I have 2 sample pistons I created to verify it:

  • Global Vars - Sender - import code t7ov
  • Global Vars - Receiver - import code k9ub



@ady624 When/will it ever be possible for super global variables to work across two locations/instances, so 2 different signed in accounts? Or is it just not feasible?