Hubitat Elevation


Btw… Google Home integration should work fine, there’s several threads on the Hubitat forum relating to that.

The Hubitat Alexa app is a hack that basically emulates a Hue Bridge. So you install the app on Hubitat, select your devices and ask Alexa to search for devices, simple, no custom Alexa stuff / Alexa apps needed. It’s much faster than ST integration too, as I believe Alexa and Hubitat communicate locally, with just the voice recognition passing through Amazon.

Will be the same process on Goggle Home, as it’s also Hue compatible.


@borristhecat I would recommend this version as it includes ogiewon’s original modifications plus @putnamjwp solves the major problems of pistons not being able to be paused nor deleted in ogiewon’s existing version. It also uses the latest webCoRE code so it’s currently up to date with the SmartThings version.


Thanks for this info @TOBob.
Just updated to this version and can confirm my Pausing and deleting now works.

Wonder if this is why I’ve been having issues when using webCoRE and device deletion etc.


Thanks for the tip!


Really thinking about getting a Hubitat and gradually ditching ST. It’s not so much as ST having outages but more to the fact that my internet is pretty rubbish. Because of the intermittent internet - which can take between 2-5 seconds before a bulb turns on, really interested in Hubitat where things run locally.

Can anybody confirm what works and what doesn’t for the webCore port for Hubitat?


Button devices car don’t work yet.


Oh boy this is phenomenal!! Now to start porting some of my pistons. Still need BigTalker and RBoy apps and then bye-bye-bye (in respect of IP this was “borrowed” by NSync).


I think the answer is no, but does IFTTT work with webcore on Hubitat?


No, but the HE developers have said ‘it’s on the roadmap’.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to call a webCoRE piston using it’s external URL either… so add that to the list of things not working yet.

My not working list list so far:

  • Cannot trigger piston using external URL
  • Cannot read status of Hubitat Safety Monitor
  • Cannot set state of hubitat Safety Monitor
  • Button Devices


Thats what I thought. Even so, I’m very impressed by how much does work. Very impressive work


Robin- Happy to see you liaising with the ST minions on behalf of HE webCoRE. Thanks! I see many references to problems with button controllers, but, in my limited experience, I have success using Minimotes with Hubitat webCoRE. Button pushes or holds trigger pistons and then the piston can see which Minimote ($currentEventDevice) triggered it and by what button ($currentEventValue) and if pushed/held ($currentEventAttribute). Maybe I don’t know what I don’t know - but what is missing?


There was discussion about button issued on the HE forum, specifically about needed an overhaul of webCoRE’s button processes as HE does this very differently.

A believe a recent pull request was made to the HE branch of WC solving the issue though.

Maybe minimotes work differently, i.e. behave like a switch or something?


Random questions

  1. Do the webcore presence sensors work with HE?

  2. Does the iOS app work with HE


Yes to both


I’ve taken the plunge :flushed:


I tried to move the presence over, but I’m having issues:

I use the “changed to/changed from” location to flip a virtual switch. Worked great in ST. I loaded webCoRE onto my HE and then loaded the presence DTH in. I then went to the iOS and registered it with my webCoRE Instance on the HE. Went through the setup and my iPhone showed up on the device list in HE. All is great so far! Created two simple pistons to flip a virtual switch when my presence changes to Home (first piston) and away (second piston) from Home.

It didn’t work when I left the house today. When I checked and tested both pistons via the iOS app from my work, they both return as true. So I think the issue my location is not being changed in the HE.

Any ideas?

I also the following when I use the “ping”:


Is there anything special that needs to be done to install the presence sensor for HE? I assume I have to remove it from ST, then create a new one, etc. Thanks in advance


I just deleted the presence app from my phone and reinstalled it from scratch.


That did it. Deleted and reloaded the iOS app and then used the app to setup the location and the presence sensor. Loaded fast and works without any virtual switches.


So created a pretty simple piston that turns off a collection of switches upon turning off a single switch.

Got this error in the logs…

+910ms ║An error occurred while executing the event: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: com.hubitat.hub.domain.Location.hasCommand() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [off]

Any ideas?