IFTTT maker events suddenly erroring out


I have a piston that fires two IFTTT maker events, this piston has been working well for months. I realized today, that this piston has been unable to fire IFTTT events since August 16th (As per applet logs on IFTTT).
On the piston log, the error is: Error executing virtual command [].iftttMaker: (XXms) groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized

Now, this piston has been working well for a long time with no changes.
Smartthings + IFTTT integration was down recently, but has been working fine for the last few days.
IFTTT webhooks applets triggered by WebCore show that they last ran on Aug 16. No successful runs or even errors since then.
On the webcore integration page, the input field for IFTTT section has always had only the IFTTT webhooks key, and that has been sufficient to integrate WebCore with IFTTT. While trying to debug this issue today, I noticed that the text there has probably changed, and it asks for the webhooks URL and not just the key. I have made this change and tested, no luck. The piston still shows the same errors in the log for the two attempts to call IFTTT maker event.
This seems like a Webcore and IFTTT integration bug to me, since this piston hasn’t changed recently. I’ll be grateful if someone can look into this and give me some feedback on the issue.
Thank you!


Past Incidents

Sep 4, 2020

Webhooks service degraded

Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Sep 4, 17:19 PDT

Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.
Sep 4, 16:58 PDT


looks like the webhooks service was restored 12 minutes ago.


Thanks @jkp. The issue I was facing didn’t get resolved on its own though. I did re-paste my webhooks URL, did re-apply on the integrations page (without any changes, same URL). Also, just for the sake of it, edited my pistons, reselected the maker event, and re-saved the pistons (again, without any visible changes, just doing the same things again).
Webhooks started working after that. Not exactly sure what the issue was. May be the incident you pointed out.