[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your Android (beta)


John, I came across your post today and this is exactly what I am looking for. Any advice or guide on how to do this? I have never used ifttt. Thanks!



It’s fairly straightforward. Log into the API and create a virtual switch under devices. Go to the app: automation > smartapps > webcore > settings > available device and contacts > available devices. Add your new virtual switch under switches. Then go to automation > smartapps > IFTTT and add the virtual switch allowing IFTTT to control it. In the IFTTT app, create a new applet ‘If connects to (name of your wifi) then switch on your virtual switch’. Create a second, ‘if disconnects from (name of your wifi) then switch off your virtual switch.’

Now you can write almost anything you can imagine in a webcore piston to do something when the virtual switch changes to on or off. Mine unlocks the door from the garage to the kitchen (alarm must be manually disarmed, don’t worry) and turns on the kitchen lights. If it’s later than 30 minutes to sunset, other lights are turned on as well.


Would this work with Hubitat or just for ST?


Just on ST


FYI, the android app presence is broken on Oreo and has been for some time. You can use the app to work on pistons but that is it. Anyway of getting a fix for this?


Discussions are ongoing…


I would love to see functionality restored to the webCoRE presence sensor. I’m still hanging on to several of my old pistons in the hope that it will happen. If I had the skills, I’d tackle it myself. Unfortunately, I know just enough to be dangerous.


It’s not so much about having the skills… more it’s about having access to the source code and app stores… only @ady624 has those and he’s tied up working for ST these days… but we’re hoping to get access sometime soon.



Of course, while it didn’t surprise me at all that ST would hire @ady624 last year, it mystifies me even today that they wouldn’t give him at least a modicum of time to continue webCoRE development, a project to which he contributed so much and which has such potential for the ST community. But those decisions and the reasoning for them are well above my pay grade, and I’m sure it make sense for everyone involved somehow.


I think everyone forgets that ST has a new API :wink:




New API needs a new ???


I’m digging trying to find out about this new API and can’t find it on the Samsung community forums. Sorry I haven’t been following super closely lately. But I did a quick look-see and can’t find anything. heck I just found out @ady624 went to work for Samsung… It’s a good thing because that means everything has been working like clockwork!


@ipaterson has been keeping things running in @ady624’s absence… been a few major bugs which he has expertly stamped on.


Here is an overview and in-depth guides for the new API platform and the new Developer Workspace. It’s all still in beta. It should both expand the possibilities of integrating with SmartThings and significantly increase the barriers for projects like webCoRE since all platform costs will be borne by the developer who needs to run services to process everything.


Oh wah. LIke you guys have anything else to do with your time and money. :rofl::rofl:


Thank you!!!


I was super excited to use this as the ST presence just wasn’t firing often enough. Of course, come to find out it’s broken in the more recent Android builds. In my case, with Android Pie, I can only get the webcore presence to update once when I open the webcore app. Would love to see the Android app open sourced or at the very least updated.


In my case (and others) it became “broken” when Oreo came on line. It stopped working on both mine and my wife’s phones. Didn’t matter, it was drawing 15% battery use on our Galaxy S8, S9 and my daughter’s android-based Blackberry. For that reason especially is why I deleted it for all of us.



I just installed on my S9. I notice that the APP has to be open in order to trigger something… It seems that it does not run on the background (when the app is close… ). Am i right or did something wrong?