Is webCoRE slow this morning (16 September, 2019)?


All of a sudden this morning (at least I noticed it today) after many, many months of being very stable, webCoRE is not always sensing device changes to switches/sensors in ST - sometimes not at all and others very slowly. When webCoRE automations don’t work at all, it’s because it doesn’t show that it’s even received a notification from a sensor or a switch - i.e., nothing in the webCoRE logs. However, ST is showing the appropriate changes. This is repeatable across many pistons using different switches and sensors. ST always records the sensor/switch activity but webCoRE doesn’t.

Before I posted this email, I’ve tested a few pistons again and tested additional ones too. It seems that some pistons and their actions are starting to work better - but not fully yet. Overall, it ‘feels’ like webCoRE is sluggish.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this - or has any information regarding a cause?

PS - I’d have provided logs, but as I said, when the pistons fail, nothing shows in the logs. They just are not firing. Also, I’ve rebooted my hub and cleaned the webCoRE cache (2x).

WebCoRE reliability issues

I have been experiencing issues since last Wednesday with both WebCoRE pistons and smart lighting rules not firing properly all the time. I believe there has been some sluggishness with the ST cloud since their firmware update.


My power strip that controls my aquarium lights automation is the only one that has been misbehaving for me for the past few days. I’m on a v1 hub tho.


It’s definitely running slowly. I’ve now used the IDE Logs to capture a number of these error messages regarding timeouts:

0d07ec5e-5be8-4baf-9c69-fef2cf8699fe 1:07:23 PM: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 526852651607487 @line -1 (error)

I’ve added ‘never cancel’ to the "with’ statements for some my affected pistons (all of which never had an issue previously) to see if that’d help. So far, it’s not helping much - if any. I’ll keep an eye on it and see.


I’ve seen the same behavior as @jkp


Just adding to this… having recovery messages now on presence events.


Same. Recovery statements in logs for Pistons that fired easily before. Presence and mode changes missed.


I’ve been noticing problems all day but I don’t think it’s webcore related. I think something is up over on the smartthings side. First, I noticed my mqtt messages weren’t consistently getting to my mqtt clients. I then noticed alexa wasn’t speaking when events were triggered. This includes webcore, Alexa and ifttt.

Just now I realized that my door open monitor wasn’t triggering. This monitors smartthings contacts. The smartthings app shows the open and closed events properly but messages are only coming from startthings to other connected apps very infrequently. I just tested my garage door and alexa did talk (Alexa <-> Smartthings) but webcore never was notified that the door contact was open.


Here too. Even my ActionTiles are affected.


@lflorack @jkp @bthrock @eibyer @Eric182 @khouse75 @Pantheon please share which SmartThings shard you are on so that we can identify which SmartThings platform deployments are affected. To find that out, just log in at and paste back the link to the page you see after logging in. For example, mine is


Also, Still getting this error:
0d07ec5e-5be8-4baf-9c69-fef2cf8699fe 8:51:39 AM: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 597908607839406 @line -1 (error)


Experiencing same issues here.



Slow for me too. My pistons aren’t executing in a timely manner.


I’m on



Conditions evaluating incorrectly


I’m also seeing Piston waited at a semaphore for 7511ms for one contact check but not others that do the same exact thing. Most are on 9/16 but I had one on 9/14 as well.


I’m not sure if this is related but I’m hoping it is.

Investigating - Starting around 6 a.m. ET, users may have started experiencing issues adding Hubs and devices via the SmartThings app. Users may also see issues with control and status updates in certain parts of the app, including but not limited to device groups, SmartThings Home Monitor, and other monitoring automations. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as they are available.
Sep 17, 12:53 EDT