Large web request responses error out if response is slow


Thus one is from my score alert piston, just tested the piston and got the error

Update: just tested in a standalone piston, able to make the request and set a variable to the response without errors, however not parsing of the data


@ipaterson - I’ve decide to see what would happen if I limited the processing in my piston. I started disabling a block here and there and turns out that I was just a little over zealous. I split out parts of the piston, specifically a section that schedules times of future runs, and have not received the error since.


Thanks for following up. From what I’ve seen it can depend on how long the piston has been running when the request starts and how long it takes to respond.

Next step for me is to finish test cases for local network web requests. If this error is not affecting anyone else I may stick with the new asynchttp_v1 and implement redirect following rather than reverting the networking changes.

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I’m still getting the status 302 error with my google sheet web request. Another person is using my same script, however, and it is working fine for him. For some reason, my webcore is not following the redirects. Any ideas? thanks,

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Versions 0.3.111 through 0.3.113 will not follow redirects. Still working through a lot of surprises like that for the next release but for now you would need to use v0.3.110.20191009. You can grab the code for each of the four smart apps here just click “Raw” to get an easy-to-copy version of each file.

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Successfully went back to 110 and working good again. Will keep my eye out for 114. Thanks!


I just tried up-dating to 114 and it still has the same problem with web requests. Will go back to 110 again :frowning: