LIFX Integration New Scenes


I am converting all of my references to LIFX bulbs to use the direct LIFX/webCoRE integration rather than going through SmartThings. In the process, I’ve created some new scenes in the LIFX app, but I do not see these new scenes in webCoRE. I AM able to see the originally available scenes.

I’ve tried to refresh webCoRE, but they’re still not listed.

Any ideas how to keep webCoRE and LIFX sync’d w/ any changes I make through the LIFX app?


I’ve done this too, sometimes it takes a day for them to show up.


When I create a new scene in LIFX, I get webcore to see it immediately by going into webcore>settings>integrations and just clicking save. I don’t make any changes to integrations but I suspect just clicking save forces the integrations to reconnect and update.


@Koyfam Thanks! I still wasn’t seeing it after a week, but checked back in here and saw/applied your comment. It worked.


Awesome. Glad it worked.


This worked for me. Thanks!