Make A Web Request not respecting 'Nothing Selected' for 'Send Variables'


Over on the ST Community, a user found $name and $currentEventDelay were being added to the query string with a GET request. The wanted part of the query string was actually being specified in the URI so when the piston was being viewed or edited there was no indication that variables would be used (i.e. it didn’t say ‘with query variables’ or whatever the precise wording is).

I had a play and discovered that if you add some variables to the ‘Send Variables’ section, and then change your mind and switch back to ‘Nothing Selected’, the variables will remain in the request. They have to be explicitly deleted.


Thank you for reporting! There is a new release currently in testing that includes some revisions to web request handling. I’ll see if this happens to be fixed or can be improved in this release.


Are there beta tests for users? I wouldn’t mind testing and helping out in any way I can


A few notes from testing this one:

  • Confirmed, the params are added to the URL for GET requests
  • This does affect the new web request code as well
  • The params are also sent with any other method (e.g. POST)

There is no code within web requests that explicitly parses the data from the Send Variables, so when the source of the problem is found it may be too “core” to fix. This is a minor problem, so if a small impact fix is found that’s great but it probably will not be fixed if the change appears likely to affect a wider range of behaviors.

You’re on the list now, check out the ST Beta forum category. Thanks!


The code to fix this problem seemed to be restricted to web request and execute piston actions, so I was able to include it in the current beta. In the next release, “Nothing Selected” will prevent the variables from being sent.

@orangebucket was also invited to the Beta group for testing, if you’re interested in trying this out.