Making voice announcements & controlling Amazon Alexa Echo


What if we have Google Home instead of Alexa? How would we do this for Google Home?


Try this. Go into Alexa app de-authorize SmartThings skill and then re-authorize it again. It’s a known bug.


The concept is still the same for the advanced sections, but even a 30 year old speaker will work beautifully for voice notifications.


Thanks for response. Actually I did a refresh of both the app and my alexa devices and all is well :slight_smile:


I just set this up on another device, and noticed something worth mentioning… There was a 7-10 second lag from the time the notification came in, until the message was spoken. :-1:

If this happens in your setup, the solution is in the Alert/Say command…
(step 6, line 3 above)

As soon as I UNchecked “Continue Task Immediately” it ran nearly instantly!
(it sounds counter-intuitive, but works like a charm!)

My original post has been edited to mention this setting.