Making voice announcements & controlling Amazon Alexa Echo


What if we have Google Home instead of Alexa? How would we do this for Google Home?


Try this. Go into Alexa app de-authorize SmartThings skill and then re-authorize it again. It’s a known bug.


The concept is still the same for the advanced sections, but even a 30 year old speaker will work beautifully for voice notifications.


Thanks for response. Actually I did a refresh of both the app and my alexa devices and all is well :slight_smile:


I just set this up on another device, and noticed something worth mentioning… There was a 7-10 second lag from the time the notification came in, until the message was spoken. :-1:

If this happens in your setup, the solution is in the Alert/Say command…
(step 6, line 3 above)

As soon as I UNchecked “Continue Task Immediately” it ran nearly instantly!
(it sounds counter-intuitive, but works like a charm!)

My original post has been edited to mention this setting.


I have this issue and it’s bizarre. I’ve not had “Continue Task Immediately” checked at any point.

Very odd, it’s almost as if it’s linked to the Wait command in Line 4.

With regards the mulitple SmartThings apps. I have the same. I only checked the first one and deleted the and that got it working. Prior to that Smartthings picked up the notification but there was no playback on my Bose speaker. If I pressed the play symbol at the bottom of the Task Edit screen on Tasker it worked!

Very nice work, now to think of some applications for it!



I appreciate your input, @Rich_N

I am at a point where over half of my pistons announces some kind of verbal alert during execution. Adding that single character to any PUSH makes it super easy to tweak any current piston you have!