Messages sent from webcore not being stored in Smartthings


Has anyone noticed any message sent from webcore is not being stored in Smartthings. Currently the only messages I see in Smartthings are guest lock messages. I noticed this changed within the last few Smartthings updates. My iPad is still on an older version of the new Smartthings app and the messages store fine, the newer version of Smartthings does not. I’ve emailed Smartthings and they say the problem lies within webcore, that I should contact webcore.


Quite a few users have noticed this.

The legacy API allows push or SMS notifications to be sent with or without notification events (webCoRE calls the latter ‘save in messages’ for historical reasons). It also allows only the events to be used (I think webCoRE just called that ‘send a notification’ or something like that).

With the transition to the new app it appeared that the notification events were now required for any notification to be sent.

Now that doesn’t work either. It isn’t clear why, but it seems to be a bit harsh to consider it at fault when it is is using the legacy API that hasn’t changed for years.


Yes, I don’t understand why it stopped working after a Smartthings app update and Smartthings says the problem is within webcore. I haven’t changed any of my pistons, any piston that sends messages are all set to “store in messages”. The notifications still work from webcore to my devices through Smartthings, it’s just that Smartthings app is no longer storing them under the notification section of the app. Very frustrating


Ah right. The impression I was getting from other reports was that the notifications generally weren’t working at all but maybe I was misunderstanding.

It would be interesting to know how other legacy apps are behaving. It may simply be a known breaking change as part of the migration process.