Missing Motion triggers started happening again



I started seeing missed triggers again today. They had been working great since last week when Smartthings notified us of their fix. However, today, i am starting to see several misses.

Attached, are the logs for one example


I would be interested to see the very next log after 7:49:04 PM…
(does it miss two events?)


I’ve been having the same issue and posted in the “master” forum thread about this issue: https://community.smartthings.com/t/unable-to-fetch-a-connection/182230/47

Apparently, the ST is writing this off as a simple, temporary outage, which now shows as resolved (https://status.smartthings.com/).

I haven’t had a chance to test much since the system (allegedly) came back online.


@WCmore There were no additional logs at the time it happened. A few hours later, it triggered correctly. See attached


@kkellar1350 I purposely started a new thread because I did not want this renewed issue to get lost in that old thread. When Smartthings posted that they had fixed the problem (last week), I did not have a single missed event until today. So whatever they did, certainly seemed to fix the issues I and others were having.


It looks like a timer event to wake up the piston didn’t happen either.


looks like their “resolution” that kkellar1350 posted may have resolved things


I’m having missed events again too. Happened this morning when I walked into a dark kitchen.