Multiple Instances of Website in Dashboard


When I sign into the dashboard and show the menu, I have multiple Instances of webcore showing. Only the last one allows me to do anything. If I click on any of the others it gives an error.
I think this came from me deleting and re-installing webcore when I was encountering some issues. And I’ll pretty sure there Pistons in the other instances that are still triggering.

How do I remove these enter my extra instances? This is the only place these extra instances show up (I don’t see multiple Instances in SmartThings ide).


Clicking on “Logout” at the bottom of that list should remove all of them… Then just go thru the process of registering your browser again, and you should only see the one in the list.

Pro Tip:

This method does not remove the instances from your account… but it does remove them from the web browser.


Great thank you. Is it actually possible to have Pistons from a deleted instance of webcore to still be lurking and running, and not show up in the webcore dashboard?


I’ll let one of the @webCoRE_Minions answer this one…


You should be able to see all pistons across all instances at > My Locations > smartapps. Normally there is only one webCoRE at the top level of this list with all pistons nested below it. If you see multiple instances there with separate lists of pistons they could still be running. Try the :pause_button: pause icon beside each, if it is enabled, to pause them.


If it helps: always fails for me… but
httpS:// works every time