New version of Web 3.10b Lock Issue


Since, I have updated to the new version of Webcore. I’m seeing issues with my lock sometimes not Unlocking.
I have a piston that have been working for years and it suddenly stop working correctly. I have two scripts/pistons for different users. They both are seeing the same thing.

Based on the logs from WebCore the command was sent but from Smartthings I don’t see that. Only that I see is the users’ presences changed from away to present, within Smartthings. I tried a couple of things but I just don’t see what is wrong. The device does work in Smartthings with out issue.This only is happening with Webcore

5/21/2019, 4:23:16 PM +50ms
+1ms ╔Received event [Kate Sarcone].presence = present with a delay of 74ms
+96ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 16ms > PS > 44ms > PE > 36ms > CE
+99ms ║Runtime (41964 bytes) successfully initialized in 44ms (v0.3.10b.20190514) (96ms)
+100ms ║╔Execution stage started
+117ms ║║Comparison (time) 58996155 is_between (time) 24000000 … (time) 78000000 = true (10ms)
+119ms ║║Time restriction check passed
+121ms ║║Condition #19 evaluated true (15ms)
+122ms ║║Condition group #null evaluated true (state did not change) (18ms)
+129ms ║║Comparison (enum) present changes_to (string) not present = false (1ms)
+131ms ║║Condition #6 evaluated false (5ms)
+132ms ║║Condition group #2 evaluated false (state did not change) (8ms)
+145ms ║║Comparison (enum) locked is_any_of (string) unknown,unlocked,unlocked with timeout = false (3ms)
+147ms ║║Condition #10 evaluated false (13ms)
+156ms ║║Comparison (enum) closed is_not (string) closed = false (2ms)
+158ms ║║Condition #11 evaluated false (10ms)
+160ms ║║Condition group #3 evaluated false (state did not change) (26ms)
+167ms ║║Comparison (enum) present changes_to (string) present = true (1ms)
+169ms ║║Cancelling condition #17’s schedules…
+171ms ║║Condition #17 evaluated true (7ms)
+180ms ║║Comparison (enum) locked is (string) locked = true (1ms)
+182ms ║║Condition #18 evaluated true (9ms)
+183ms ║║Cancelling condition #12’s schedules…
+184ms ║║Condition group #12 evaluated true (state changed) (21ms)
+187ms ║║Cancelling statement #13’s schedules…
+296ms ║║Executed physical command [Front Door].unlock() (105ms)
+297ms ║║Executed [Front Door].unlock (108ms)
+315ms ║║Executed virtual command [Front Door].sendSMSNotification (11ms)
+336ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (237ms)
+345ms ╚Event processed successfully (344ms)