No icons in the dashboard


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This looked like it could be caused by installing a browser extension that removes ads or otherwise optimizes your browsing since something may be blocking the Font Awesome icons. However, you mentioned that this happens in all browsers.

Is it possible that something on your local network has been set up for optimization that may have blocked the icons from loading? In case it helps, the icons are loaded from the domain


one other thing to check - a long shot but worth a try, make sure all the webcore smartapps are published in IDE


Thanks for helping me start a new thread here and quick answers, I didn’t realize there is new thread until now, I’m not sure how to set up email notification for replies or new thread being tagged.

Back to your suggestion, I tried with IE, Edge, Firefore, and Chrome one more time, I’m getting consistent result, all of them have icon missing. I also checked fontawesome link, in Chrome I’m getting 404, the other browsers I’m getting 403. I don’t have any ads blocking at rounter level or PC level, I do have ads blocker for Chrome but as I mentioned it’s not the case.

BTW this didn’t happen a week ago before I posted my question, ever since I get this annoying issue. At the same time, the drag and drop lines of code stopped working as well.

I do see the console log errors below in Incognito Chrome, I think you might be right, something relate to fontawesome, but I don’t know why though.


Can you see icons here?


I can see icons here no problem


I also wonder if possible to set up an email notification for replies, I always have to manually check myself.


Yes. Your setting for that can be found in Preferences > Emails, but please keep in mind:

About a month ago, webCoRE’s email server “jammed up” because too many emails were being sent. (way past our maximum allowed)

Because of this, the daily limit has been greatly reduced for all of us.

One good idea is to greatly reduce your piston’s email notifications, and then your forum email alerts should go thru (until you hit your daily limit, at least)


Just changed the notification settings, thank you