Odd Happenings with Loading webCoRE and Device Name Corruption


Yesterday afternoon, I added a new Z-Wave outlet to handle a small decoration for the upcoming holiday season. All went well and as a final step, I added it ti an existing piston so that it would run like the existing decorations.

This morning, I found that I had a lot of difficulty loading the webCoRE piston screen. During several circular iterations, I cleared the cache and tried several different browsers - finally getting it to load. I went right to the newly modified piston to see that the device I’d recently added was showing numbers rather than the device name (lost it’s link?). I checked the device name in ST and it looked OK. So, I deleted the (2) references to it in offending piston (although only one of them was corrupted), saved the piston and then cleared both the browser and webCoRE caches, then reloaded webCoRE again. webCoRE was still very, very slow to load. So, I recreated (duped) the offending piston and saved it and then deleted the old one. Finally, I added the new device to the duplicated piston and saved.

webCoRE now seems to be loading OK again. I’ve never had anything close to this issue and thought I’d pass it along in case anyone else is also seeing odd things happening or if anybody has any insights.


I had a similar experience around that same time period… I suspect some base code was in the middle of being changed… (hopefully repairing the recent latency issues)


Thanks for the feedback. webCoRE is still slow at times but not as weird as it was this morning. Hopefully, as you suggest, it was a temporary issue. Thanks again.