Physical Interaction Working?


I have a piston that should fire if either of 2 smart bulbs physically changes to On. But it is also firing if either also changes programmatically. Is there a problem with that functionality?


Yes. But it’s not a WC bug that they can fix. The problem lies in whether or not the DTH actually reports that information correctly. Most do not seem to do that. Heck, most devices do not seem to support that either.

Basically, if it works for you then great…but if not then just don’t use it. Many have tried, few have succeeded.


@Mike1616 As a DTH dev how can I make sure I report this info correctly?


I’m not sure there’s any additional elaboration that I can give you on this one. Perhaps you could look at some other threads that are bound to be on this forum regarding this topic. But essentially the issue is stated above… WC supports the ability to differentiate between a programmatic interaction with a switch or a physical interaction, however, there are not many reports of that working properly.

Of course it’s been almost a year since I’ve looked at this, so perhaps things have changed. But I gave up trying to get it to work a long time ago.