"Piston does not subscribe to any events..." warning



I have a setup where a light turns on with blue in the morning if it is near frost as a warning about icy roads.

It runs for the most parts, but sometimes I get the “piston does not subscribe…” warning. If I go and edit the piston and saves it, it runs for a couple of days and then does the same again.


Try swapping lines 19 and 21…
Trigger first, conditions later…


Thx Ike I´ll report back if it works better


I usually put the trigger first, (by itself)… and the conditions below, indented. Something like:

IF Time happens daily at 6AM, but only on M-F
    IF Switch 3 is off
       Sensor's temp is less than 2 degrees
        Do cool stuff
    END IF

This way, it runs at 6AM every weekday, and at that time, it checks the other two conditions.


Thank you. Temperature has been above the trigger point, but I will report back if it works