Piston editor shows NaN for device attributes



The v0.3.109.20181207 update introduces a known bug as a trade-off for restoring access to the dashboard for a growing group of webCoRE users. You will see the following until this workaround can be removed:


For the past few months, the SmartThings platform has experienced degraded performance in retrieving device information. Users with a large number of devices (generally > 100) experienced recurring errors when loading the dashboard – the more devices the more often the dashboard failed to load. This is caused by a timeout in the SmartThings platform when attempting to load information for the devices associated with webCoRE.

The v0.3.109.20181207 update abandons the loading of current attribute values. You will not see temperatures, presence, lock status, or other current values while editing a piston and most numeric values will display as NaN as shown above. While the piston editor needs to know which devices you have and which attributes they provide, the current values were only used for this side column in the editor. This will not affect the execution of pistons or the display of tiles and piston state – it’s purely reducing the amount of data loaded when you browse the web dashboard and mobile app.

This topic was written to preempt similar reports, please redirect any similar reports with a link to this topic.

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Change announcement for 3.109?

Just to clarify, if we’re not having any of the device loading issues AND we like to see the values on the right hand pane, then we do not need to update?


No WC-loading problems here … so no update for me :smile:


Correct, this update was a hotfix directly based on the previous published release and we hope that this is a temporary change. The update does not include any of the additional minor bug fixes and other work that has been in development for the next proper release.

You can safely ignore the warning on the dashboard for this particular update and stick with the old version.


Does this update prevent values showing / calculations completing when typing expressions?


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Has there been a solution yet to correct the NaN problem?
I’m running v0.3.10a which appears to still be the latest, and this issue is still occurring for me.
All the searches I have done point me to this thread and one other one, but neither seem to have a solution.


Please don’t post the same thing in multiple threads.


0.3.108 shows the values for those and still works for me, if you want to give it a try, you can downgrade version.


This weekend I upgraded to the latest, v0.3.10b and got excited thinking this issue was fixed as the values came back briefly, but maybe an hour later it went back to NaN and has been that way since.


This weekend I upgraded to the latest, v0.3.10c and still getting the NaN issue.


The original behavior for device attributes has been reverted in v0.3.10d.20190627 so you will no longer see NaN when editing a piston.


Nevermind, it turns out some people hit the ST platform timeout error 100% of the time when ady’s workaround was removed so today’s version reinstates it. Will accept pull requests to add an option to the smart app to control whether the device data is loaded, for the sake of those that are bothered by the missing attributes.