Piston Recovery


Yesterday, my ST hub suddenly and without warning lost all devices. While I am working with ST Support, I checked my WebCore and all the pistons I had written were still listed (I had paused them a while back while I wrote routines). All of them did have auto backup turned on.

Since I am now more than a little frustrated at the situation ST left me in, I am looking at going to Hubitat and wanted to look at my old pistons but they would not come up. It eventually said they were outdated and to log out and log back in. When I did that, they were no longer listed.

Lost forever?


Maybe @ipaterson can check if it’s possible to recover restore code.


This was a particularly strange case since whatever SmartThings messed with caused the account to have a different ID when webCoRE was reinstalled. We got it straightened out but I hope this does not become a regular thing.


I called ST and waited in limbo for 3 days before I gave up and converted to HE.

The biggest revelation was how many things ST had taken away in prep for Edge and how many things I worked around or stopped doing because of it. With the exception of a string of IP LED Lights I have everything back online and my code is much more streamlined without all the workarounds. Plus I can now backup locally to recover on my own should I need to.

The ST hub is air-gapped and powered down on a shelf where it will stay.

ST called me last night because they were going to work on the issue - 6 days after it started.


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