Presence Sensor - No Option to Add



I just upgraded my Iphone and have been trying to add it as a presence sensor into webCore. The install instructions read: " Once you have at least one place added to the list, a green button should appear with the Setup sensor caption." When I go to the settings page it shows all of my existing Places, but there’s no option to set up the phone as a sensor. I’ve deleted all of my existing places and created a new ‘Home’ location, but still no option. I recall having issues with this when I first set everything up, but can’t recall what the trick is to getting the phone to show up. Any suggestions?


Update: I noticed that the ‘Setup sensor’ button would only flash up for a fraction of a second when I entered the settings screen, and then disappear. It took me about 20 tries before I was able to tap the button to add the phone as a presence sensor.