Problem loading dashboard data - Not possible to install Smartapp, problems to connect


Hi all,

I am new into WebCore world. I have heard a lot about it and finally I decided to give it a try because I wanted to have some advanced lighting functions.

I installed WebCore following the Wiki instructions, create a piston that did what I needed and everything was working fine. But after one day of working, suddenly, without doing anything it stopped working, it gave me the error when trying to access the dashboard: “Problem Loading Dashboard Data”.

I cleared Cache, tried to change password, uninstall Smartapp in Smartthings app, Deleting all WebCore Smartapps in Smartthings IDE and install them back.

After doing all that, right now I am not able to even Install Smartapp in Smartthings android app. I get the error “We are having problems to connect. Please check the network connection and try again.”

I have a Samsung account and all this process was done in the New version of Smartthings app. I had the classic app but it stopped working long time ago (not possible to login) so I never installed anything WebCore related in the classic app.

Please help!


You might have picked the wrong day to start :slight_smile: It appears there’s a widespread outage at the moment.


Oh I just realized about that.

Many thanks!


Is someone working to get this fixed? I’m now in the same boat as many others.