Problems with email account



Hi, I have an email account. Up until about two weeks ago, my pistons that send email worked fine with my outlook email account. Now, I no longer get emails. This is not an issue with junk mail since the webcore domain is whitelisted. I contacted Microsoft and they responded by saying that the senders of the email domain need to contact Outlook email support. They gave me a link, but I won’t post that here.

Anyone else have an account that is still working? Who could I contact at webcore that could help to sort this out with Microsoft?


Can your pistons send emails to non-outlook addresses?


Yes, I haven’t changed any piston code except to try out another email address. This used to work with, I hope someone from webcore is willing to work with Microsoft on this.


AFIK… the only person with admin access to the email server is @ady624… and it has no function (email builder page if you like) to send emails outside of webcore / the forum / the wiki, so very hard to email / respond to a verification email with Microsoft.

If Microsoft is bouncing back auto-replies we wont be receiving them.

I’ll give Microsoft a call on Tuesday (its a public holiday tomorrow) and see what can be done.


Thanks for looking into this.


Can you send me that link in a PM please


btw… Microsoft are not blocking emails to my work address (powered by Outlook 365)… I will setup a test address.


yep… blocking emails to my new account… I’m guessing a few people clicked the spam button a few times and blacklisted the domain!!!


Thanks for working on this. I tried to send you a message with the link from MS support, but I don’t have access to send you messages for some reason. Let me know if you still need it.


I’ve increased your trust level, you can now send PM’s.


FYI… I’ve been slowly working through the list of forum users using Microsoft accounts, getting them to provide alternative email address for the forum and advising them that MS accounts won’t work on webCoRE for the time-being.


Hey, looks like emails to are working again. Yay!


yep… they’ve been back up for about a month now… I forgot to post an update here but I did remove the warning on the sign-up page.

The only reason I noticed was because a number of users were ignoring the warning lol