Push Notification through Webcore Presence App


Has any thought gone into allowing push notifications through the webcore ios\android presence app? When I select “WebCore Push Notification” I would have a list of devices.

Here is my problem. I want to be able to send push notification to specific devices in specific cases. I know I can use SMS but one of my daughters doesn’t have an actual phone number so I can’t do that. Plus I like how much cleaner push notification are. Just a thought. With the contact book feature gone I figured this could be a nice addition.


PUSH Notifications come via SmartThings, so I believe webCoRE has no control over which devices it goes to.

Here is how I send a notification to a single device, without using SMS.


Thanks. I did look at that but she has an iPhone.

I guess I should have started with I have a feature request. Currently you are correct push notification come in via the Smartthings app. What if the WebCore app that I have installed on my iPhone for presence sensing could also be used as a conduit to push notifications.

This would allow users to direct push notifications to specific devices and would work on devices without a phone number.


Ahh yes… That would be cool.

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