RESOLVED: Problem loading the dashboard data. The data shown below may be outdated


I agree that new problems should be in a new thread, but that error happens to all of us at one time or another… so it is helpful to keep around, in my opinion.

I just wanted to give you a way to silence all the notifications, since you are happy with the current solution.


Also, they keep asking if it has been resolved. lol

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It’s right there in the title and in the op.

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@sgnihttrams I’m sorry for continuing to post on your thread but my issues haven’t been resolved at all and this thread has at least gained a little traction but haven’t really gotten much response on my own post that I’d created. I’m just frustrated. Some people have mentioned Issues but the majority of users seem to be doing fine and can’t understand what’s going on on my end that’s making the difference. I haven’t been able to use the iOS app in almost two months and browsers work only half the time. I can tell app seems to still be working somewhat because the presence sensor part of it works just fine. Simply can’t get the app to load.


I don’t know if you tried these steps yet, but this is how I can usually resolve this:

  • Use a web browser on a PC to load the Dashboard
  • Wait until it fully loads
  • Log out on the bottom left

  • Wait a few seconds
  • Hard refresh the page (Ctrl-F5 in Windows)
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Click on Register Instance
  • Go back to the phone > SmartThings > Automations > SmartApps > webCoRE > Register a browser
  • Enter code back on the PC
  • Cross your fingers

I’m not sure if these steps also works on cell phones…
(I use a PC browser for all of my coding)


I have been trying to resolve this question for 48 hours and have tried every suggestion from every post on a new installation of web core. Not sure who to ask but I have tried everything in both the classic and new app can anyone help please?


More details please. This is a new install of webcore that you are experiencing this issue? what have you tried. If a new install, can you provide a screenshot of the 4 Smartapps you installed in IDE at https://account.smartthings,com. Screenshot of the dashboard with the error… sometimes we can see items you may not have noticed.


Have tried all of the suggestions such as changing the password clearing the data cash on the phone, from both the classic at and the new. Even uninstalled and reinstalled on the phone


Thing I can see that is different In my particular installation is that I have two locations under the same account name, not sure if that could be the one difference


You can remove the second (empty) location. Go to the following faq page and follow step #2

Also, have you tried loading the dashboard in a different browser to see if you get a different result?


Actually the second location is not at all empty it is used because I have one home up north with a different hub and one in the South a vacation home so I cannot remove it

Time using chrome but I did try bing with no different result and I tried an incognito page in chrome

By the way got to leave for about four hours so can we pick this up again this evening? Or if you have any other suggestions for me to try I will try them and get back to you this evening

Thank you so much for trying to help!


You may need one of the minions to dig into this issue. Tagging @ipaterson

You may also want to look at logs in IDE while using the dashboard. Logout of the dashboard, clear browser cache and log back in and check the logs for any errrors.


Please post a separate topic showing any errors logged in > Live Logging. Most problems loading the dashboard will record an error there every time you refresh the dashboard page in your browser. We have seen a variety of causes for this type of issue, hopefully the logs that jkp mentioned will help classify your particular situation.


So I ran into this problem (or something like it) where I was not able to get the dashboard to load in Chrome running on Windows 10. I cleared browser history, cache etc., changed the authentication password. It looked like when I tried to register the browser, it bounced through the screen where I could have input the authentication password and gave the “Problem loading the dashboard data” error. I found I could register Microsoft Edge on the same PC, and also run a guest session of Chrome and register that with no problems. Eventually I right clicked on the frozen dashboard screen and clicked on inspect. I saw one entry there that had nothing to do with dashboard but probably came from an extension I was running. So on Chrome I went to and turned off all the extensions and browser apps that I had enabled. Then I went back to the dashboard and tried to register. This time, the authentication dialog came up and when I put my password in, the dashboard loaded. It still showed the “Problem loading” banner at the top of the screen but this went away when I loaded the first piston (which took longer than usual).

Everything seems to be working fine now. I have turned my extensions back on and I have no problems.

I didn’t know where to post this, so hopefully this is an OK place. I wanted to mention it in case it was helpful to someone else - I didn’t see Chrome Extension conflicts mentioned as a possible issue anywhere else.

A bit more work suggests that it was the Privacy Badger extension that caused my issue. I have disabled it for the dashboard page.