Save piston after editing stays at editing


For some reason, when I save the piston after modification, it stays on the edit mode but if I don’t make any changes or click cancel, it redirects to the view mode which does not include my changes. Even creating new pistons stay on edit mode after saved. Can’t seem to figure out why. TIA

Unable to save pistons

have you tried a different browser?


During the ‘Save’ process, is your ‘Chunk’ count going past 17 or hanging at the end?


I may be experiencing the same issue. I click save and get the ‘Preparing to save chunked piston’. Normally it would start counting the chunks but it does nothing.

That is the issue where your piston is too large which isn’t the case here. It is happening to any psiton I try to save at random intervals regardless of size.

The only workaround I have discovered is to refresh which takes you out of edit mode and to the overview screen. Click edit again and you get the option to open the cached local version of the piston which usually holds the changes. Click save and it saves like normal.

I have cleared cache, tried multiple browsers on different PCs and used private/incognito mode and it still happens. Incidence is random but has occurred more frequently over the last few days.

No errors in ST live logging.


Same issue for me. Cannot save any piston no matter the size or content.


ST or hubitat?


hubitat, go freaking figure


tagging @E_Sch the hubitat expert :slight_smile:


Are there any logs or other errors?

HE console -> Logs, or in the piston logs?


ST for me, happening less frequently, network congestion?


You mentioned you cleared cache… was that for the browsers or your webcore instance? If not webcore instance, open the ST app > menu > SmartApps > your instance of webCoRE > settings > clean up and rebuild data cache


Both actually, should have clarified. Cleared cache on browsers and the clean up and rebuild data cache.