Smart Home Monitor Status do not work anymore



I want to report that the Smart Home Monitor do report correctly the status anymore (from about 1 week). Or at least on my hub. It says that is “armed/away”. But in reality is “disarmed”.

Anybody have the same issue?



Smart Home Monitor (SHM) was abolished recently, or when changing to the new SmartThings app.
(where it has been replaced with STHM)

Here is a little FAQ on the subject.


The problem is that SHM is not replaced with STHM in webCoRE (yet). So if we had triggers by SHM, now the triggers do not work anymore. :frowning:


Yes. Thankfully, there are two popular workarounds in that first post.


Oh, you mean the trick with a virtual Button status?


Yes. Using a Simulated Switch to update the STHM.
(or vice versa, but not both)