Some weirdness, comments?



already posted this to hubitat community but going to ask it here too. Three questions.

  1. Is it normal to get this database update notification daily when opening pistons?

It is always updating…to same version it was…

  1. What about this one. Is this error normal and should come after webcore is updated.
2.2.2021 klo 21.42.44 +296ms
+434ms	║WARNING: Results may be unreliable because the parent app's version(v0.3.111.20210130_HE) is newer than the child app's version(v0.3.110.20210123_HE). Please update both apps to the same version.
  1. I’m seeing this in every piston that has variables.
    So variable has been set but when I click on it.

Nothing is there. I’m not sure if piston is broken so I update value manually. Is this normal behavior or does that mean something is broken?


there is a newer webcore update for hubitat that was released on 2/2/21. you may want to update to it and see if it resolves any issues. if you use Hubitat Package Manager, that is the easiest method to keep webcore up-to-date


@Figman do these issues seem similar to what you experienced with HE?


Actually did that today. Snip was from yesterday. Was just too lazy to update that snip :slight_smile:

Did not do any difference for those three weirdness that I mentioned… :frowning:


So there have been several version # changes last few days as we rollout changes in dashboard and groovy code (bug fixes)

In general

  • ensure your groovy code is up to date

    • if using HPM, update or repair on webcore is best to address
  • after webcore updates (via HPM), clearing your browser caches is a good idea. I do hope we can make code updates that these would happen sooner/quicker automatically for the dashboard code/js

  • it is a good idea after updating, to reboot your HE system (be kind type of reboot).
    HE console -> settings -> reboot hub

    • HPM has an update order that is parent then child (install order), but for cache management one really needs updates (after initial install) to be children, then parent, so the parent can complete cache synchronization. This last reboot resolves this HPM weakness. If you did it by hand you would update the child apps first, then the parent app last.

    • note, going into HE console -> apps -> webcore (the parent app) and hitting done should also handle the cache synchronization between the parent and all the children. For me this has always worked. I see others describe it has not, and we need to understand why.


Yes two of these are the same thing. I haven’t created any variables yet because I just started messing around with Webcore again since I left ST. Thanks I’ll run trough some of the troubleshooting steps E_sch has mentioned. I have done most of them already. Everything is working fine except for the back up issue.:frowning: