Strange Formatting Issue


So, I’ve been playing with if true/false conditions in my statements to reduce the size of my pistons. I’ve been noticing this for awhile, and decided to take screenshots. Sometimes, when there’s a lot of text, the text will “shift” over, but when I highlight the text, the highlighted portion doesn’t match up with the normal text, and you can see the overlap between the two. The expression still works, but if I want to make any changes, I have to edit the text in notepad instead. When I paste it back, it’s all good…but after saving and re-editing it, the condition repeats itself.

[EDIT] When it’s doing this, the piston doesn’t like to “Finish Up”. However, if 1) I copy/paste the text into notepad, 2) Copy/paste all but the last line into the expression box, and then 3) paste in the last line, it formats perfectly, and I’m able to save the piston successfully.


Now it’s happening on a small piece of code…

When I copy/pasted into Notepad, I noticed the text had two spaces between the ’ and The, when there should only have been one. (Underscore added by me)

'_The garage light is '{[Garage Light Switch : switch]} - correct
'__The garage light is '{[Garage Light Switch : switch]} - not what I typed


One trick that usually resolves your first example is to use multiple lines.


"Well, Welcome Home, "
". "


Remember in HTML, a carriage return is seen as a single space…
and multiple spaces are seen as one space.

I believe you can split random() into multiple lines as well, but I don’t have an example handy at the moment.


Yes, I’ve noticed that multiple lines does help. Just surprised to see it on the short line of code as well.