Sudden Change To Time-Based Restrictions



I’ve had some pistons running along just fine a years, and now, they started misbehaving.

In particular, these are related to motion-triggered evening lights, and night lights.

For some reason, they suddenly started ignoring time-based restrictions.

The evening lights one happened a few days ago or so, and the night lights one happened today (i.e. if I move around right now, the night lights come on).

Is this related to a known change at SmartThings, or in webCoRE, or anything else that you guys know of?

p.s. I don’t really know if this is a ‘bug’, but I chose that category, because it sure seems buggy to me. lol Sorry if this is something else entirely. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve now cross-posted this over on the SmartThings forum.


There appear to be some issues in the ST cloud this weekend


I just checked again, and I still don’t see anything on the SmartThings status page.
Is whatever you were referring to still going on?


Same issues here. Pistons which have been working fine for months, stopped working recently. All of them have time-based restrictions.


Thank you. I appreciate knowing its not just me. :slight_smile:

I’m curious about how something like this can be limited in scope. i.e. why would only a small number of us be experiencing the problem?


I could get it back to work. It wasn’t related to time restrictions. I had a wrong condition in the affected pistons. Now everything works fine again. Hopefully you were able to fix your pistons as well.


No. I dont have anything wrong in them.

Like i said, they were working perfectly for years, and suddenly, without any changes on my end, they are now ignoring the time restrictions which they had been obeying for years.

Clearly, something changed; either in SmartThings or webCoRE.