Switched to HE from ST. Lifx integration busted?


Not sure if this is a bug or just a general question. I’m new here, so sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong place!

I’m a software developer for a living, so Webcore has always been super relatable to me and very easy to use. I switched from ST to HE a few months ago and couldn’t be happier… well… except for LIFX integration.

With ST, I had a few triggers that, when run, would run the LIFX - Breathe… effect. I was able to select any bulb (or bulbs), configure it, easy, done.

With HE, I only have the option to select a scene. But… I don’t want a scene. I just want to send an API request to the LIFX API, targeting one or two bulbs, to run the breathe effect as designed. If I select Physical Device, I can pick my bulbs. I did this on ST. However, on the HE version, it adds a secondary dropdown (pictured, circled) for things like hue and color - this didn’t exist on ST, and shouldn’t exist here. And if I try to run this, it does nothing.

The same goes with all of the “LIFX - *” actions.

Thanks! I’m open to suggestions.


webcore has some built-in life integration on HE in current / latest releases.

Have you tried that?

It appears you are using an HE device for lifx.


I don’t know what this means. I use webcore via the app code installed on HT. I’ve not seen webcore referenced anywhere else except in logs stating that execution of a piston has occurred. Can you be more specific?


expect under devices in HE you installed a lifx driver and are using that.

I suspect the driver does not support the command you describe. So that driver is not helping you.

In webcore on HE

you can add your lifx credentials, and have webcore access lifx directly (and some of those command you found should work).

webcore dashboard (dashboard.webcore.co or staging.webcore.co)

Settings -> Integrations (across the top)

  • Under LIFX, you can enter token
  • Hit apply

it should test the settings.

This is how webcore in ST supported lifx


I have that set up. I wouldn’t have the options or any of my scenes listed if I didn’t. However, again, it only lists scenes. It will not give me any individual bulbs. And the mismatch between ST and HE variants of this exact same thing makes it even more broken.

I just ended up writing several API request pistons. It took less time than the time I’ve dedicated to this feature that’s seemingly baked in to the software that doesn’t work.


If you want to help debug, I can look into it (I don’t have lifx bulbs / acct, so I cannot test myself).


Don’t take this the wrong way, but, as a web developer, if I don’t have access to a server that’s causing an issue, I can’t debug or fix the problem. I might suspect something, but nothing the logs wouldn’t show me already. So, if you don’t have Lifx bulbs, then how are you supposed to debug their functionality yourself?


He’s maintaining the HE version of the webCoRE code so you’ll probably get extra debugging lines to help figure it out.