There was a problem loading the dashboard data (August 25, 2020)


I had a problem loading my dasboard, all of this night. Many of us had that today. I commented row 950. Cleared my browsers cash and cookies. Re-registered webcore dashboard and it works like charm.
Many thanks.


I did that but mine is still not working.

Update: I’m finally going again. In addition to commenting out the 2 sets of lines as described above, I also did a “Clean up and rebuild data cache” for WebCore in the new app, That seems to have been the magic for me.


In case you didn’t figure out the alexa switch, here is a link to the ST forum


Hi Berg… use the device handler that teba provided a link to. Then be sure within the SmartThings app to open the Webcore Smart App and add the device to settings. It should be added as both an actuator and a sensor. It will then show up when using the Webcore dashboard and writing a piston


Are we all still commented out or are we good to get back in the water (go to the repo version)?


Hello all,

I had the same problem trying to login to Webcore. Thanks for this suggestion. I did not need to make a change in line 950 or in 5052-54. Just the trick of strong text“Clean up and rebuild data cache” for WebCore in the new appstrong text did the magic.