Unwanted Auto-Removal of Devices from 'Available Devices'?


Other than me doing it myself by going into the webCoRE SmartApp within the SmartThings mobile app, how would a device get removed from webCoRE?

The reason I ask is that several of my pistons suddenly stopped working, and when I went to investigate, I noticed that the main devices that they interact with are no longer available in webCoRE, and are now just showing up at a long string of characters (like when ya remove a device from webCoRE).

Then I checked the available devices, and sure enough, they’re not listed.

They clearly were available in webCoRE previously; that’s how I added them to the relevant pistons, and why those pistons were working for a while.

So, again, how else can that happen if I didn’t manually remove them myself?


To understand more about the problem, does reauthorizing those devices fix the pistons or do you still see an alphanumeric ID in place of the device name in webCoRE?


Yes. I just went through and re-added them all, and now the pistons reflect those devices correctly instead of just the character strings.


Thanks for confirming! Unfortunately I have no idea why that would happen. Approximately how many devices were disassociated in this way?


It was four devices; that’s two ‘real’ ones, and both of their respective simulated devices.

They were the most recent to be added, and most recently created pistons, as far as I recall.


This brings up another thought…

In this situation, I only discovered that some devices had been removed because pistons that act on things that I interact with, consciously, on a relatively regular basis stopped working.

Now I’m wondering how many other devices may have been removed.

Is there any way of asking webCoRE if there are any devices missing, or where there may be any of those character strings without opening every single piston and checking visually, manually?


That’s a good question. I will take a quick look at whether that can be done from the dashboard piston list with a code snippet.


It also could be logged as errors in logging, but piston has to ‘run’ or get recovery signal to run


It doesn’t look like the devices are available from the dashboard page, each piston has to be loaded individually to get that level of info. I think that leaves two options:

  1. If you have more devices than pistons, open each piston in the dashboard and look for device ids
  2. If you have more pistons than devices, open each device in account.smartthings.com and look for any where “In Use By” does not show the webCoRE Storage smart app.

I can’t guarantee those are equivalent but seems like the primary options.


Makes total sense. Thanks a lot, man!
I really appreciate you taking the time to poke around on that one on my behalf. :slight_smile:


Now if only I were able to get notifications for things that show up in logging. lol
i.e. From other projects I’ve worked on, I’m pretty sure that’s not possible, but if so, that would be really cool.