WebCoRE Dashboard Tiles


What is the purpose of the dashboard and the tiles? Is it just for display purposes? what do people use it for? I’ve seen some nice looking dashboard examples but wondering is this all just displaying info? You cannot actually turn things on and off there?


Just in case you are referring to the Dashboard (beta) that you select from the side menu - it is currently not complete and only shows greyed out tiles But it is confusing because the webCoRE screen is also referred to as the dashboard. Go figure!

Tiles can both display info and can also be configured to control devices. If you go to the Examples category, you will be able to find tiles that control lights, locks, garage doors and many devices.


You can trigger events in response to dashboard tile clicks to use them as buttons or to allow cycling through data displayed in the tile. Subscribe to events on Virtual Devices > Piston tile to select the tile number then do whatever you want in response to the click. Even if you do not subscribe to any tile events, clicking a tile always runs the piston.


Is the comment in regards to Dashboard (beta) device tiles,

Or piston generated tiles with “setTile”?

Is anyone working “Dashboard (beta)”?