Webcore isssue in the new smartthings app


Hello folks, I am unable to add new devices to webcore smart app. I am getting this error in the new smartthings app. Is anyone else facing this issue? I was able to add new devices to webcore using the classic app. Thanks in advance.


Try rebooting your hub in IDE or sign out and sign back in to your ST app. Note: you will lose your dashboard settings when you sign back in - sorting of rooms/devices.


Did all that earlier.
I did find a solution just now.
I backed up all of my pistons, restore each one and deleted the existing. I have done 6 so far and the funtionality returns for each one. Wheeeew!
I hope this little bug isn’t related to that App list switch.


Old thread, but do you run a Pihole on your network?

I ran into issues with it blacklisting usage.trackjs.com which kept me from editing any smartapps in the new client.