Webcore not receiving some (most) trigger events


So I made a new instance and started importing my pistons (this is going to be super annoying because I use a lot of global variables, etc) and so far the pistons seem to be getting events from ST and triggering as they should.

Still no idea why this happened.


Me too. Thank you for this (unintended) reminder…

The last few days, I have backed up all 514 of my pistons (green, red & pure text), but I forgot that I should also manually backup my global variables.


514 pistons?!?!? You overachiever! :laughing:


Well, part of the last three days was to clean up and consolidate a bit…
(so many of my pistons were created to help others)

I have now reduced my count to 210…

Probably my lowest count since 2018, LOL.


I am having the same problem for the past 2 days.
My pistons were working but are not now.