WebCore not saving the time right


When I add a time based condition, it doesn’t seem to save the time correctly. Is there something special that I don’t know about?


Can you attach an image of the piston and any associated log files :slight_smile:


Here is what I entered for the time condition:


Try clearing your browser cache. Also, go to the Classic app : Automation: SmartApps: your instance of webCoRE: Settings : clean up and rebuild data cache


OK - Now the time is right - But I can’t seem to get it to save PM. It always says AM


The problem went away when I tried it on Chrome. Something on Firefox is screwing it up


In Firefox, it usually takes me two attempts for the correct time to display.
(Edit line > Enter time > Save line > Edit line > Enter the time again > Save)

I’ve been noticing this for weeks, but I haven’t gotten around to debugging this yet…

To change the AM/PM I use my arrow keys.


If I add a new time condition in Firefox it first shows a time input with placeholders -- : -- -- but upon editing the field the format is -- : -- : -- . --- --. If I try to add a time in hh:mm format it does not add correctly unless I also type in the AM or PM portion. Otherwise I’m not seeing any issues in Firefox 66 on Mac.

Was the initial time entered in the format 05 : 00 PM when you created the expression?